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Masi oa Tunya

In July, I traveled to Livingstone, Zambia for work. I was lucky to be staying in Masi oa Tunya National Park, right on the edge of Victoria Falls - where the Zambezi river falls in the world's largest natural waterfall. It's amazing - especially this time of the year. The water is so peaceful only a few yards up the river before it falls 355 feet and sends up mist several stories high. You can see the mist from the falls and hear the thundering sound of the water from quite a ways away.

Naturally, I took every advantage to soak in the [cheesy alert] MAJESTY of the falls and the surrounding park. I couldn't resist a few sketches. My mediums and work spaces were a bit bootleg, but isn't that where the fun is?

After a productive happy hour on the river bank, I came up with this.


Next I tackled the local wildlife.

I did everything in a new medium, for me: watercolor pencils. I really treated them like normal colored pencils (is that right?) And then doused them with some not-quite-deliberate water placement. This was tough because I use my watercolors more like acrylics than watercolors sometimes - I just love deep saturated colors. This is artistic license, right?

These sketches are coming soon to my Etsy as a collection of prints. Fun!

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